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Mitsubishi Concepts


Welcome to the Future.

Mitsubishi has been hard at work designing and preparing the path for the future of SUV vehicles. Their conception is based of 4 design elements: "functional beauty", "augmented possibilities, "sculptured dynamism" and "Japanese craftmanship". 

Below we will introduce you to 4 of these vehicles: the GT-PHEV Concept, the Emirai, the Concept XR-PHEV & the eX Concept. 

The GT-PHEV is a high-end SUV that allies perfectly form and function. It is based on the award-winning Outlander PHEV and Mitsubishi's knowledge in SUV and 4WD design. Its width stands for stability and solidity, communication a feeling of safety and security. Its next generation battery brings improved range and reduced CO2 emissions.


The Mitsubishi Emirai serves as a high tech and user experience (UX) interior design experiment. Interior LCD displays transfer what's happening outside the vehicle to the driver to enhance his/ her driving abilities, focus and operating performance. Gesture control is also enabled, so eyes can remained focused on the road. 

Emirai Concept car - Terrebonne Mitsubishi, Quebec

Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV

Evolution Vision Gran Turismo 6

Mitsubishi Motors started being involved in motorsports over 50 years ago. The aerodynamism and the athlete form of this concept car was the focus for Mitsubishi. They wanted to gain downforce without increasing air resistance in the development of this car. It is equipped with the PHEV system & the active yaw system, to divide the left and right side torque electronically to give complete control of the car to the driver. the XR-PHEV Evolution also has a carbon fibre plastic reinforced body with an aggressive nose, huge wings and side skirts and a set of oversized 20″ alloys.

Concept XR-PHEV - Boisvert Mitsubishi, Quebec

Mitsubishi eX Concept

Plug-In Electric Hybrid Crossover

The Mitsubishi eX Concept showcases not only the capabilities of electric vehicles and SUVs, but also the evolution of the Mitsubishi Plug-in technologies already in place in the 2018 Terrebonne Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The Mitsubishi Dynamic Shield design is present, as well as the superior All-Wheel Drive capabilities in a compact 100% electric sport crossover package.

The eX Concept offers automated driving, connected car systems and active safety systems, all powered by Mitsubishi advanced lab technologies.

eX Concept - Boisvert Mitsubishi, Quebec

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